Monday, January 18, 2010

and now for something, completely different

I had the most awesome dream couple of days back. It even spawned a story idea I'm gonna name "Jeremiah's Tome." More on that later. I dreamt that there was this dude in robes going around chanting out a book in some unknown language, but if you understood what he said, you'd turn into a monster! I heard the word "cat" and I turned into a werecat and started rampaging. I decided to draw it out.

The marker was too deep, so it looks like a dark stain instead of blood. I thought it still looked cool though. I don't draw anthromorphic stuff often at all, so I gave it my best shot.


  1. hey, I think the blood looks cool! very 'old school monster movie' when they used to use chocolate syrup and things. xD did you just start to dribble blood when you turned into a werecat or did you actually go and maim something?

    I think you did fantastically with the werecat considering you've never done anything like that before. I could probably help you refine the design if you'd like me to.

  2. I think i started dribbling blood after I maimed something. The blood was added there as an after thought. I'm glad you like it though :) and I'm glad to hear phrase coming from you because I don't draw animals too often. We can definitely get together and refine the design.