Saturday, September 3, 2011

the bunny on the moon

Alma Shepard-Matsuo is having an event called Art Is Hope, that is taking place at the Japanese American United Church at Friday October 15. I am going to be selling prints there and half of the profit will go to charity to aid the people who were devastated by the natural disasters in Japan. Do try to participate if you can, its only 20 dollars a table. I decided to do a couple of drawings that were Japanese themed. Here's three of them. Definitely more to come.

So there's this story in Asian folklore that a rabbit lives on the moon. In fact, there's actually a pattern of a rabbit on the moon In the Chinese version, the rabbit is pounding the elixir of life, but in the Japanese version, its just pounding mochi, hahah. This is the first drawing I've completed ith flash CS5. I like that it has a much more sophisticated color swatch variety and icon organization. Other than that tho, not much has changed from CS4, and unfortunately, it still gitches and crashes unexpectedly.

This second drawing is a tea ceremony bunny. I dunno, I just like the way tea ceremonies look. I've heard they're extremely boring but hey. Plus it just gives an excuse to draw kimonos and Japanese treats.

And this last one I did about 4 months back. A lot of people seem to like this drawing a lot, so its definitely gonna be up.

More drawings and films to come! Be sure to check.