Thursday, June 13, 2013

So about Yin and Dave part 2

i know i promised that yin and dave part 2 would be finished at the end of this month, but it hasn't. i'd say i'm 65 percent done with part 2, with 90 percent of the animation finished and 20 percent of the coloring finished. however, due to work load, i've put the film aside for now. it'll definitely be finished before this year has ended but after working on it nonstop for 5 months, i think i need a break from it first. 

why did it take so long? because i actually went and SCRAPPED the first draft of part 2. i wasn't satisfied with how the animation and story was going. i ended scrapping a good 2 minutes of animation. i'm still beating myself with a stick for that.

still, there's so much i want to show you, even if it isn't finished. also its a lesson on planning better. here are three of my favorite shots. so here they are.

hopefully this will be a decent appetizer for whats to come.

Summer is kinda here

So I figured since summer's here (or officially supposed to be here but isn't since the rain's a pourin) I've decided to post drawings of icecream and the beach. They were actually supposed to be based off Lladro figurines is saw while i was surfing ebay but of course, the prices of the figurines make my eyeballs melt off their eye sockets. why not illustrate my own versions:

Misty Beach:

The Sweetest Girl:

And just for the heck of it, a chinese lady in hanfu:

Got some animation to post up soon!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A revamp of an old watercolor painting i did back. i'm starting to really like photoshop.

you guys are probably wondering whats happening with yin and dave part 2. well, due to some unexpected.... detours involving work, i've had no time to work on part 2. i also ended up scrapping half the animation since the story and animation wasn't going how i wanted it to be. the good news is that it'll give me more to animate and i have fresh ideas on how to take the direction. the bad news is is that you guys will have to wait.

still, here's a screenshot for you to let u know that work is in progress. thank you guys for your support!