Saturday, January 8, 2011

year of the bunny

hey everyone. i know its been a while since i've posted hear. i've been too busy with thesis to post hear anymore. although i will post every once in a while. the reason why i'm not putting stuff from my thesis up here is because i want it to be a surprise until the dusties come

so i saw shelley's post of the tigers. the chinese year of the tiger is ending and the year of the rabbit is beginning. supposidly, this is an unlucky year because it is the metal tiger. tigers are known for begin unpredictable and wild in the chinese zodiac, so the tiger year, nothing is ever what it seems. being born in the year of the snake, who's concern is stability and routine, this year has been extremely crazy. most crazy is that my best friend's mother died this year. i do look forward to the rabbit year in that supposidly, it is a year of a lot stablity and creativity.

interesting. i'm the only snake in a family of roosters. mom, dad and bro are all roosters. funny thing is that i loved snakes since i was a kid and never understood why my family was afraid of them. i love how snakes looked, how they lived, how they killed. i also knew snakes normally don't attack people unless you bother them. my favorite being kingsnake, a snake docile towards humans, infamous for preying on other snakes. they are also immune to venom and even eat snakes with poison.

so i guess i thought i'd draw some stuff with snakes.

so my best friend said the year of the bunny is a great year for snakes. we were discussing why. then i just came up with this analogy of why the bunny year is good for snakes:


to sum it up, i didn't like what happened last tiger year... so i'm greatly looking forward to this year. i'm bring my friends to chinatown to party again.


  1. hahah, snakes are cool and awesome creatures and it's such a shame that so many people hate and fear them out of ignorance and superstition. I've always liked them too, and turns out the snake is my day-animal. maybe that's why I was always intrigued by the story of Lady White Snake, because it was interesting and different to see a snake cast as a 'good' protagonist and even portrayed as a beautiful woman, instead of some generic sneaky evil demon character. some species of snake are breathtaking.

    I like your little green guy there, looks so cute and curious! really captures what I find appealing about the shapes of snake heads. :) and you and me both shall feast on some bunnies this year. *rawr*

  2. Sweet !!!! O.o although having being eaten by snakes isnt really always fun .... i guess ill just have to get my game up ... _ ____lll