Sunday, February 7, 2010


I never really do get a chance to post scribbles anywhere since it wouldn't seem professional. All this week, I've been on a creative drawing streak and I was drawing things to make people laugh. I thought I would post some on since I really don't have too much time to do anything personal anymore.

A centaur. He looked cute with no nose.

A wood nymph. Her thighs are weird.

Gio, and on the bottom, Manny, Gio and Brian.

Shelley's character. On the bottom left is Tris as a prawn.

That's me holding a mutant prawn baby.

I feel bad for not handing Tris' backgrounds on time.

This made my friends laugh. Its my teachers with their thesis students.

Here's the final concept of how I draw myself. I gave her Disney eyes instead of anime eyes and I like it a lot. I'm going to experiment more with this.

More stuff to come. I'm going to post more things tonight.

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